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Better Health Through
Better Dentistry

“Dental Implants Provided Me The Change That I Needed”


Better Health Through
Better Dentistry

Whether you’ve been struggling with an old-fashioned denture or suffering with painful failing teeth, you deserve a solution that can restore the function of your teeth as well as the beauty of your smile. Dental implants can rebuild a gorgeous smile and restore your confidence, but their true strength lies in how they can benefit your health!

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Dental Implants Support The Strength Of Your Jaw

The supporting structures that keep your teeth in place involve a ridge of bone, gum tissue, and a ligament that surrounds the root of your tooth. When teeth go missing, your body no longer needs to sustain the ridge of bone that used to support those teeth. Over time, your body will eat away at the unused bone tissue, slowly shrinking it. Lost bone volume changes the appearance of your face, creating a sunken, sagging appearance that adds years to your appearance. It also allows the jaw to move past its normal range of motion, a condition known as overclosure. This puts strain on the jaw joint, causing damage to the cartilage that cushions the joint and even leading to destruction of the joint itself. Lost bone volume also means your jaw will lack strength and may be more vulnerable to fracture.

Because dental implant posts are fused to the bone of your jaw, they mimic the roots of natural teeth. When you chew using dental implants, the force applied stimulates your bone tissue, preventing it from shrinking. Dental implants provide stability to the jaw joint, preventing strain, injury, and arthritis, as well as keeping the jaw from thinning and becoming weaker over time. Implants also protect the youthful contours of your face, giving you one more reason to smile with confidence!

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Dental Implants Restored My Smile
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Dental Implants Mean No More Shifting, Rubbing, Or Sores

Because traditional dentures don’t prevent your bone volume from shrinking, their fit changes over time. As the bony ridge shrinks, your dentures have less to hang onto. That means they’ll start shifting, slipping, and falling out more frequently. All that shifting and rubbing leads to sores and ulcers, which can take a long time to heal since you need to wear your teeth every day! While uncomfortable adhesives will help to an extent, old-fashioned dentures will never match the long-term stability of dental implants.

Your dental implant restoration won’t rub, shift, or cause sores. Their superior stability not only makes them stronger and more functional than traditional dentures. It also gives them superior longevity that won’t change over time. Rebuilding your dental health with implants will give you a smile that lasts a lifetime!

Strong Teeth For Lasting Health

When teeth go missing, your body no longer needs the bone that used to support those teeth. Over time, your body absorbs the unused bone tissue, shrinking the bone of your jaw. Losing the volume of your jawbone changes the shape of your face, often adding decades to your appearance. Lost bone volume also allows the jaw to overclose, straining the joint.

Full mouth dental implants prevent bone loss by stimulating the jawbone with normal chewing forces. Because your full arch dental implants will help maintain healthy bone volume, they’ll preserve the youthful contours of your face and prevent damage to your jaw joint. More importantly, full arch dental implants help prevent nutritional deficiencies often seen in denture-wearers because you’ll be able to enjoy a full range of foods without limiting your diet. Full mouth dental implants will give you your dream smile, but they’re also an investment in your overall physical and psychological wellbeing.


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